Welcome to the 2019 "Gathering of Styles"

The Gathering of Styles is an annual event designed to bring together the diverse collection of people and disciplines from all over our martial arts community.

For one night and under one roof, we make a collective effort to share our knowledge and experience with the public and our community of fellow martial artists. This effort aims to promote oneness as well as broaden our understanding of who we are, where we came from and where we are going.


  This program is not about the promotion of any particular style or individual. It is simply a way to bring us all together as a family, in celebration of our art-form, our shared interests and our mutual goals. Gathering of Styles will provide each attendee the opportunity to learn and grow from the shared knowledge and experiences of this year's 6 Masters. It will also provide an opportunity and a venue, to network both personally and professionally with other participants who have common interests.


  We hope you will find the time to join us and become a part of our mutual goal to achieve awareness, growth, knowledge, understanding and shared prosperity.